123.hp.com/oj6100 wireless mobile print

123 HP OJ 6100 Wireless Mobile Printing


HP Officejet 6100 allows your mobile device to connect other systems over wireless network. And send print, scan or copy jobs to your 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer which you can do directly or by connecting to a system.

Mobile printing helps you as you don’t have to sit in front of a system all day long or be at one place just to get your documents print.

Features like ePrint, AirPrint helps you connect your mobile device irrespective of the OS you use Android or iOS. And mobile printing just adds to its beauty. You can send jobs from any mobile device or cloud enabled device and get your work done through wireless connectivity.

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HP Officejet 6100 Wireless Mobile Printing

123 HP Officejet 6100 Printer is allows wireless connectivity as well as mobile printing. What better way to connect your printer than wireless?

123 HP Officejet 6100 ePrint Setup

For ePrint, you must register to cloud service called HP ePrint center. This service assigns you a dedicated email address to your 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer which you can use for ePrint via email. Send your documents attached to email to printer and print. Accessing HP web services is a must for this feature.

  • Associate your mobile and printer both to the same wireless network.
  • Before moving further make sure you finish install and setup related process.
  • Go to 123.hp.com/setup 6100 and enable HP Web services, if not done already.
  • To enable this service act as the screen instructs and proceed further.
  • To check if printer is working fine or not, test print a document/ File.
  • Select ePrint from your Officejet 6100 control panel.
  • To find dedicated ePrint email address, tap on web services setting and click on Display email address.
  • In order to turn off ePrint, follow the same process as you need to go to Web services setting and select ePrint and touch OFF to turn off this service.

123hp eprint setup

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123 HP Officejet 6100 AirPrint Setup

AirPrint is a service for iOS users and MAC users who connect their device with 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer over wireless network and perform their essential tasks like print, scan, copy or fax. You can use this feature with AirPrint enabled printers or others as well by following different methods.

123hp airprint setup

  • First of all connect wireless your iOS device (iPad, iPhone, MAC, iPod) with HP Officejet 6100 printer.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/oj6100 so as to download and install AirPrint driver on your device.
  • Successfully configure AirPrint on your iOS device to start printing through AirPrint.
  • To be able to use AirPrint on your system with ease there’s another way and that is accessing AirPrint through third party applications.
  • When you have finished downloading AirPrint application, just relax and share files that you wish to send to your hp officejet 6100 printer and select the job (Copy/ Print/ Scan) and start working.
  • To avoid any issues, have a look over your printer settings and see for synchronization issues.
  • If it is well synchronized then you are as ready as you will ever be to start printing with AirPrint.
123 HP Officejet 6100 Cloud Print Setup

Out of home, office, city or country? Worry not! You can still get your documents printed on your home 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer despite of any location. All you need to do is grab your cloud enabled device and transfer your file to a google server which sends it to the printer through cloud Print service.

  • Perform all initial preparations like settling paper tray, ink cartridge installation, driver installation etc. that you normally do to setup your Officejet 6100 printer.
  • Connect your printer and system with a common wireless network.
  • Now, go to chrome browser on your system and login / sign up to your google account.
  • Go to My devices to check if your printer is already enlisted there; this is because Google cloud print auto detects printers available on your home network.
  • If found, click on manage to observe google cloud printer.
  • If found, add it and tap register. If it is not under my devices, check in ‘New devices’.
  • You require to register on your 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer control panel by going to ‘connect your HP Printer with google cloud print’ and submitting ePrint mail id.
  • To complete cloud print setup follow on screen directions.

123hp google cloud print

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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ For 123 HP Officejet 6100 Wireless Mobile Printing Solution

Any questions subjected to 123.hp.com/oj6100 wireless mobile print can be solved with help of this guide, and so, we have jotted down these frequently asked questions and solution to them. We hope this will help you understand wireless mobile print.

What if the HP ePrint email I sent to Officejet 6100 printer did not print?

  • You can’t use HP ePrint with USB connected, so make sure you disconnect it.
  • Turn on your Officejet 6100 printer and connect to wireless network using your preferred method.
  • Enable HP Web services and do not turn it off or disable at any point of time.
  • Update printer firmware if necessary. Emails without subject are often not sent.
  • Browse to My printer page and locate your printer and modify settings by clicking Change settings.
  • Click allowed the list of email ids which have authorization to send jobs to printer through email.
  • In case your email address is not listed, enter it and tap allow access.

Can I change the default print settings for an HP ePrint print job?

  • Switch on your HP Officejet 6100 printer and ensure wireless connectivity.
  • Enabling HP Web services is must, if you have not done already.
  • ‘Important Printer Setup Instructions’ page prints in a while that enlists printer email address/ printer claim code.
  • Validate email address to which you are sending email in ‘To’ section and keep in mind subject less emails can’t do the job.
  • Before sending a job make sure you check for the email id and subject and then send emails to web enabled 123.hp.com/oj6100 printer.

How do I get AirPrint to work with Officejet 6100 printer?

  • Make sure your iPhone, iPad or other iOS device is using iOS 4.2 or newer versions.
  • AirPrint feature is available with Officejet 6100 printer.
  • Be sure that your printer support Wi-Fi direct or wireless direct and connect printer and system with same wireless connection.
  • Now, open the file you wish to print with AirPrint be it photo, document, email or other by tapping on Action icon or tap to display menu.
  • Select your Officejet 6100 printer from printer options menu and if required you may change settings by tapping options.
  • Select how many copies you wish to print and touch ‘Print’.

Can you print from an iPad without AirPrint?

  • Yes, it is possible to print from an iPad without AirPrint.
  • To do so, you will require AirPrint compatible printer which is not the case here, so you need another system that will work as a print server.
  • You will need a MAC system with running applications like AirPrint activator or its contemporaries.
  • These print servers enable your iOS device to print without having to use AirPrint even with outdated printers that can’t support AirPrint.
  • Install applications from HP to connect without AirPrint and you are ready to print.

How do I register 123 hp Officejet 6100 printer to Google Cloud Print?

  • Power on your Officejet 6100 printer and keep it in ready state.
  • Turn on your system(MAC / windows).
  • Scroll down to bottom of the page to open advanced settings.
  • Go to a section named Printing and tap on ‘Google cloud print’.
  • Manage cloud print devices’ should be clicked.
  • 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer you wish to connect should be added by clicking ‘Add Printer’.
  • Now you can print from any device signed in with the same google account, from any location.

How do I connect my Chromebook to HP printer?

  • Go to advanced settings to open cloud print. Add your HP Officejet 6100 printer to associate google cloud print services with google account.
  • Tap manage your Printer to see list of added printers and manage them.
  • Tap change if you wish to make any changes in destination folder.
  • Select destination 123.hp.com/setup 6100 printer followed by Tweak settings that help you change page layout or orientation.
  • Finally hit print to print your document by connecting it to