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123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Printer


123.hp.com/setup Laserjet 4700 Printer is the multi-function and color printer and it has optional high-yield cartridges. This is helpful to print premium quality of documents in a short span of time.

The main reasons to use this printer is that Wi-Fi Direct or wireless direct which is best and well known in the industry. It allows your mobile device to connect to your printer without connect to the common router or network.

If you face any problems during wireless printer setup, visit 123.hp.com because we have professional and experienced team. This option helps to start scan, copy, and fax wirelessly. We are the trusted and authorized place to download wireless software to your Laserjet 4700 Printer.

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123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Printer Setup

If you want setup HP Laserjet 4700 Printer on the wireless network, try to connect your printer to a wireless network. After that, install software and driver from www.123.hp.com page. We provide instructions for network connectivity, troubleshooting wireless related issues, and printer setup in Windows.

HP Laserjet 4700 Windows 7

Wireless setup is the most important key feature of Laserjet Printer. It is completely easiest task on Windows 7. You can perform it by yourself or take advantage on our experts help.

HP Laserjet 4700 Windows 10

As everyone knows, Windows 10 is a well-matched device to all latest 123 HP Laserjet Printers. You can install and download driver from 123.hp.com/setup to your Windows 10 device.

HP Laserjet 4700 Setup for Mac

Just, take a help of HP Setup Assistant which is useful to connect your Mac device with 4700 Printer. Actually, you can download this print from 123.hp.com and install it at your system.

123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Printer Setup for Windows

Our on-screen instructions helps you in wirelessly connect your printer with Windows device. Actually, Windows 7 requires driver setup and installation that might be complex process rather than Windows 8 or 10. Because, it is compatible with new laserjet printer versions.

Method one: Network Connection Requirements

  • Initially, collect your network like SSID.
  • Know about your security passphrase or password for a SSID
  • Be sure that your Windows device connected to the laserjet 4700 wireless network.
  • You must have persistent internet connection to access 123.hp.com/lj 4700 web services.
  • Be sure that your printer and system turned on. At the same time, keep your printer and router within the range.
  • If you connect to any Ethernet or USB cables to your Laserjet 4700 Printer and remove it.

123 hp wireless setup for windows

Method two: Connect to HP Laserjet 4700 Printer Wireless Network

  • Get a wireless icon from printer control panel and tap it.
  • Now, go to settings icon. Choose 123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Pick your network from list of the feasible networks.
  • Suppose the list might not show your network, then enter your new network name and proceed based on the instructions.
  • When it is asked to enter WEP, password or WPA key, tap and enter it.
  • Choose OK in a summary screen and go to home screen.

Method Three: Download and install the Laserjet Driver

  • Download complete set of the Laserjet 4700 Software and Driver from 123.hp.com that is beneficial to you.
  • Or else, you might install it by using CD.
  • If possible, visit 123.hp.com because we have qualified and trained team to provide high quality service to our clients.
  • Suppose you can’t able to figure out your legitimate driver, choose Laserjet Printer from menu. And, begin the installation process followed by driver download.
  • After that, run the executable file for installing Wireless Driver Setup for your Windows system.
  • To complete the installation process, keep follow on the procedures.

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123 HP Laserjet 4700 Printer Setup for Mac

To print, scan, and copy your document, your Mac device must be configured with the printer. Below are the handy steps to check wireless connectivity of your system. If you want to establish the wireless setup, just install and download the driver.

123 hp wireless setup for mac

Step 1: Network connection requirements

  • At first, congregate your Service Set Identifier like SSID.
  • Grasp the security pass phrase or password to the SSID.
  • be sure that, your Mac OS connected to the HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless network.
  • You must have strong internet connection to access your printer web services.
  • Switch on your printer. As well as, keep your Laserjet Printer and router within a range.
  • Once the connection established to USB cables or Ethernet Cables then remove it that helps to wireless setup.

Step 2: Connect to HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless network

  • Pay attention to wireless icon on your Laserjet 4700 control panel and press it.
  • Now, choose settings of your 123.hp.com/setup 4700 Printer.
  • After that, visit your printer wireless setup wizard.
  • Likewise, choose your printer from the available networks.
  • If a list might not show network name, then enter your new network name and proceed with further on-screen procedures.
  • If it is asked to enter password, enter and tap it.
  • Press on OK in summary screen and go to home screen.

Step 3: Download and install a driver

  • The first thing, download printer driver from 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet Printer.
  • Elseways, you can install it by utilizing the installation CD.
  • Suppose you can’t able to find out the driver, choose your 4700 printer from a menu and tap start followed by the download.
  • To run the software, double-click on the downloaded file along with 123 HP Easy start.
  • If you want to setup your Laserjet Printer, try to follow On-Screen Procedures.
  • Pick HP Easy Scan and install it.
  • From your device screen, choose Add device and select print test page. This helps to check whether your wireless setup is successful or not.

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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ for 123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Printer Setup

123 HP Laserjet 4700 Wireless Printer Setup clearly explained at www.123.hp.com and you can install it at your own. If you face any issues during printer setup, driver installation, or wireless printer setup then we are the perfect place. Here, we list commonly asked questions and its solutions.

HP Laserjet 4700 won't find my wireless router

  • Don’t connect any Ethernet cable or USB cable for your Printer. Afterwards, disconnect it.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup Laserjet 4700 Printer control panel and choose Wireless -> Settings.
  • Choose restore network settings and follow on-screen procedures.
  • You must verify whether your printer settings restored or not. Now, switch off your printer.
  • Similarly, switch off your wireless router and wait for a while. Discard a power cord from a wall socket.
  • Restart your laserjet printer and router. Check whether your router shows appropriate light signal.
  • Finally, connect your printer with a wireless network. If it is not show any error then connect through WPS button.

HP Laserjet 4700 unable to install over network

  • If necessary, discard your USB cable from the printer.
  • After that, go to printer control panel and uninstall all printer.
  • Likewise, choose Laserjet Printer under the control panel and discard all printer from the list.
  • Choose device manager and select hidden entries to look at the list of printer list and uninstall it.
  • Go to command Window and type it as the laserjetpro.exe and enter it. Under the print server property, remove the entries.
  • Restart your printer and open run Window and choose OK.
  • If prompted, connect USB. Now, you can do software installation properly.

123 HP Laserjet 4700 Will not connect with PC

  • In case your printer not connect with PC, then you must follow below procedures. To connect with your PC, you must require persistent speed of internet connection. This helps to access 123 HP Web services.
  • Discard Ethernet cable or USB cable from Laserjet wireless printer setup. After that, go to 123.hp.com/setup wireless setup wizard and choose your network.
  • Enter WPA or WEP key, tap and enter it.
  • Choose OK in a summary screen and go back to the home screen.
  • Download Laserjet Printer from 123.hp.com. Or, install it by utilizing installation CD.
  • Suppose you can’t able to find your driver, choose Laserjet Printer from menu. After that, start installation process which followed by download. Follow on-screen procedures to connect your printer.
  • Pick HP Easy Scan and install it. Similarly, add your printer. If you do it properly, then it can easily connect to PC.

HP Laserjet 4700 Printer not accepting password

  • First of all, your password must be case sensitive. So, type your password correctly.
  • Note down, if there is any software or software change which might incur some problems.
  • To get original document, restore your printer settings and follow the below instructions.
  • Press restore network settings and carry on as per procedures. Choose wireless settings from the control panel.
  • Start up again your Laserjet 4700 Printer. Visit wireless setup wizard and choose network SSID.
  • Finally, enter password for same network SSID. Remember one thing; it must accept your password. After that, connect it.

123 HP Laserjet 4700 Stuck during setup

  • Kindly, check whether any error occur on Software or hardware that is beneficial to understand root cause of the issues.
  • After that, restore 4700 printer settings to its original.
  • Choose wireless and then settings under the printer control panel.
  • Tap restore network settings and proceed based on the instructions. Restart your 4700 printer and system.
  • To choose your network SSID, go to the wireless setup wizard.
  • Likewise, enter password to SSID and it must connect to your printer properly. Once the printer connection established, download software and driver from 123.hp.com because we have qualified and experienced team.
  • Follow the instructions to install the driver. This is how your wireless setup must be done successfully.

How to connect HP Laserjet 4700 to Laptop

  • Firstly, disable Wi-Fi direct by following instructions which might cause error.
  • From the home screen of laserjet printer control pane, choose a wireless button.
  • Go to 4700 setup wireless direct. Switch off the screen which returns to the wireless direct menu.
  • Suppose you can’t able to connect your laptop with 123 HP Laserjet Printer, then follow the instructions.
  • Verify, if network settings restored properly or not. If possible, print a network configuration page.
  • Finally, connect your laptop with a printer via wireless network. Make sure that, it is connected to the identical network which makes it work.