October 12, 2020


hp.com/support/lj-m454dw Troubleshooting

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Troubleshooting


123 HP LaserJet Pro M454DW is All-in-One Laser printer. It holds many features like duplex printing, touch-to-print, wired and wireless connection, printing, copying, scanning and also faxing etc. This Printer Prints faster compared to others.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW printer consumes less energy to print documents or images. It supports both USB and Ethernet mode of connection. And also it is compatible with wireless connection and Wi-Fi direct connection. The speed of the printer is 27 pages per minute.

123.hp.com/laserjetpro m454dw printer supports for both Windows and Mac Operating systems of all versions. If you find any difficulties while installing the drivers or else any issues while printing and scanning the documents, you are at the right place here you can clarify any doubts that you are having regarding LaserJet Pro M454DW Printer.

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123 HP LaserJet Pro M454DW Troubleshooting

You may get issues while dealing with M454DW Printer, so you can resolve these issues by yourself by following the tips in 123.hp.com/support page and also you can clarify your doubts regarding too technical from here. We are having our experts to support you in solving your issues.

Step 1: 123 HP LaserJet Pro M454DW connect to Computer

  • Connect your PC or Laptop and turn it on by proper arranging the power cords and cables. And connect it with a Wi-Fi network. Be sure that the printer and computer had connected with same wireless network.
  • Now, go to your M454DW Printer control panel and tap Wireless setup icon. Then, open Wireless Setup Wizard here you can see the network list.
  • After that, choose your network from the list and connect it with the help of WEP key as password. If you didn’t find your printer from the existing list, then by following the instructions add your network name and password manually.
  • Visit 123.hp.com/laserjetpro m454dw and enter your printer model as ljpro m454dw and OS version that you are having on your PC to get the proper driver software.

123 hp printer unbox

Step 2: 123 HP LaserJet Pro M454DW WPS PIN

  • Initially turned on your Computer and your Laserjet Pro M454DW printer and connect them over a same wireless network. If your printer having the PBS ( Push Button Method ) go to next step.
  • Press the Wireless button on the printer and click WPS button on the router. Now, wait for few minutes because that takes couple of minutes to establish the connection.
  • If you are using pin method, then press wireless button on the control panel of your printer. If the printer is performing task, wait until the task completes. Go to control panel of printer and choose settings.
  • Now, touch WPS Setup button from the list of network choose your network name and enter your network password and follow the instructions that prompts on the screen.

Step 3: Install 123.hp.com/ljpro m454dw Printer software

  • Visit 123.hp.com/setup to download and install Laserjet Pro Software.
  • Try to look for the latest and updated software which is compatible to your M454DW Printer and device.
  • After that, open the downloaded folder once you finished downloading and double click to begin installing software.
  • If installation starts, you must follow On-Screen procedures to complete the installation process.
  • Finally, enter certain information like add printer, connection type and USB when it is prompted. Similarly, tap on the Finish button.

123 hp test print

Step 4: Install the Laserjet Pro Ink Cartridge and take test print

  • If you want to install ink cartridges, open door to access the cartridge area.
  • This step might expose cartridge slot in center of the 123 HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Printer. Likewise, open lid of a cartridge access slot.
  • Discard plastic tape from the laserjet pro ink cartridges by grabbing its sides and break it into a ink cartridge slot. Wait for a while until you fix it.
  • You should not touch copper strips or nozzles.
  • Afterwards, close the slot lid and open cartridge access door.
  • At last, print a test page from your Laserjet Pro Printer to check whether ink cartridges installed properly.

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HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Printer Features

Find more solution to customize your 123 HP Printers in minutes. Our expert technicians will guide you to setup
and install your 123.hp.com/ljp-m454dw printer

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Print Setup

This technology allows user to print their documents, photos or file easily at their office or home without having to go out.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW ePrint Setup

123.hp.com/setup m454dw ePrint feature enables you to send print job to your printer through email. Send attached documents from email and print.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Scan Setup

You can scan your files with HP Laserjet M454DW printer easily at your home itself. All you need to do is setup.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW AirPrint Setup

Now, you can connect your iOS device to printer with help of AirPrint setup and print, scan, copy directly from your iPad, iPod or MAC device.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Copy Setup

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW printer avails you with the feature of copy. Copying documents is similar as that of print, just follow instructions.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Cloud Print

Sign in your google account into Cloud print enabled devices and print from anywhere and anytime. Your HP Printer and system is configured for cloud setup.

HP Laserjet Pro M454DW Ink Cartridge Installation

Ink cartridges installation is an initial setup step and needs to be performed with care. As ink smears, spilled inks, clogs can result in errors and will affect your printing experience. Take care of cartridge installation tips and tricks and follow steps as discussed in cartridge installation setup.

For installing ink cartridges into your HP Laserjet Pro M454DW printer, pull to open cartridge access door and open cartridge slot lid. Open ink cartridge from its packing, and pull open plastic tape and fix it in the cartridge slot.

You need to ensure there is no spilled inks or smears in the access area. Don’t touch nozzles or copper strips to avoid clogs or ink errors. Whenever these ink cartridges are empty or low filled you require to replace them by following same method.

You can even inject ink through small hole and refill them. HP genuine ink cartridges are to be installed for best possible output.

123 hp ink cartridge install

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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ For 123 HP LaserJet Pro M454DW Printer

Troubleshooting and facing the issues of LaserJet Pro M454DW Printer could be easy for some users and for some users it was so difficult to fix them. So they can get assistance or guidance from www.123.hp.com site for fixing their issues.

How to connect wirelessly M454DW Printer Without a router?

Check these Pre requisites

  • Formerly, go to printers control panel and switch on the wireless direct icon if it is off. Then, locate the wireless direct and password.
  • Choose display option that displays both the network name and the network password. Make note of those network name and password for further purpose.
  • Now, switch on the wireless connection from your PC or Laptop or any android device that you had connected to your M454DW printer.
  • Then, search for your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M454DW printer in your PC or Laptop or any other device that you have used for printing and click it.
  • Now, connect you M454DW printer to the network that which you have connect to your PC. Enter your Wi-Fi Direct password if it prompts.
  • Wait until the connection establishes. Once connection established download driver from 123.hp.com/setup page for your M454DW Printer.

How to change USB connection to Wireless network in Windows?

  • Based on the version of Windows the steps are slightly varied for changing the network connection from USB to Wireless.
  • For Windows 8, go to Windows home button and choose applications option by searching in search bar.
  • Then, go to all apps option in that go to the folder that which is having the LaserJet M454DW Printer as the folder name.
  • For Windows 7, Vista and XP, go through these steps. Initially go to windows start option and choose all programs from it.
  • Then, printer name from the printer folder that presents in HP application and go to the next step to proceed.
  • This step is common after choosing the printer name folder. Now, choose the printer Setup & software option in that folder.
  • Finally, you can see the option like Convert a USB connected printer to wireless now click on it then enter your network details for establishing the connection.

Steps If M454DW printer is not Printing

  • Reboot your computer or PC that which you are using for printing, if the print job stuck in the printer queue. Try to print after completion of reboot process.
  • You will get a message on your PC or laptop, if your M454DW printer switches off while printing, and then turn on your printer.
  • If you are not finding any issue or message like that, then there may be problem in the driver software of the printer. So that first, uninstalls and reinstalls it properly.
  • Verify all the cables are connected properly if not connect them. If Wi-Fi icon is not blinking on the control panel of printer, then verify the wireless connection.
  • Some of the firewall prevents the communication between your printer and the computer so check whether your firewall supports communication. If it not supports disable it.
  • If you getting the problem again and again switch off both computer and printer and gain restart them and again repeat the above steps.

How to cancel the Print job using iPhone?

  • If you are using iPhone for printing and you want to cancel the printing job then follow the steps below.
  • You can cancel the print within a minute if you are using an iPhone.
  • Initially, press the home button twice of your iPhone.
  • Then, the apps that are open and working on your iPhone will be displayed on the screen of your iPhone.
  • Now, choose print center option and then click on it.
  • Then, press the cancel printing button to stop the print job in print center app.

Network Connectivity issues of LaserJet Pro M454DW Printer

  • If any network issues occur, then turn off your M454DW printer and remove all the power cables from back side of it.
  • Checking the power cord connection is also important. If connection is not proper, make it correctly.
  • And also check whether you entered network name and the password correctly while you are using wireless network connection.
  • Now, check the M454DW printer Driver software installed properly or not because this also plays a major role for establishing a successful network connection.
  • Then, evaluate your internal settings through technical instructions. Finally, choose a file to print for testing to know whether printer works properly and a network connection had established or not.