October 12, 2020


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123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Wireless Connecting


HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer is popular for personal computer. It gives you the high quality of text and images. The printing results with the effective standard.Connect your printer to the wireless (Wi-Fi) network connection.

There is no need to use the USB cable connection or registering your network name and network password.

The Laserjet Pro printer supports the Windows and MAC device to get connect or else you may connect it with your Tablet or Smartphone via your wireless network connection.

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123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer Wireless Connect Setup

Install the HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW wireless setup by installing the software from 123.hp.com/laserjetpro setup m404dn and follow the procedures that has given step by step. We will guide you to complete the setup process

123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Connectivity Setup

HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW printer setup for 123 HP Auto Wireless Connect, WPS, WSW, and USB connection setup mentioned below.

The connectivity setup for Auto Wireless Connect will permit you to connect directly without wired connection or else without having to enter the network name or network password. It will help you to connect automatically for your Laserjet Pro Printer to network.

WPS WPS permit you to connect easily with your printer or other wireless (Wi-Fi) network enabled devices with the network. You can connect directly by pressing WPS button from router. You can set the router via WSW.

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LJ Pro M283FDW USB Setup

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123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Wireless Protected Setup

  • Turn on your 123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer. Go to your printer control panel and click wireless icon.
  • Click the settings icon. And, press 123.hp.com/setup laserjet pro printer WSW.
  • Follow the below steps that is instructed.
  • Download the HP Utility Software then install it by following method process.
  • You need to download the wireless software via www.123.hp.com for Wi-Fi.
  • Type your network name and password and choose your network as you wish to connect with your M283FDW Laserjet Pro Printer.
  • Now, touch the WPS button from your router and connect your printer with the wireless connect setup.
  • Choose your Printer to use the print, copy, and scan features.

123 hp wps setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Confirm that there is no software and hardware device, it may cause some issues.
  • Then, click settings. Tap Restore Network settings and carry on with the given instructions.
  • Restart your computer device and 123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer wireless connect setup. Go to WSW and make your network name selection.
  • Now, enter the network password to the same wireless network and connect it.
  • After the connection get successful, download the HP Drivers and Software from the HP Page.
  • Proceed with the instructions displays on screen and wait for some time to finish the installation.
  • Check your network connection and make a trial to print or scan to see the process is successful or not.
123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Auto Wireless Connect
  • Windows Vista and MAC OS X newer versions supports the Auto Wireless connect.
  • The Computer device must be connected over your network as your printer are not suitable to 5 GHz.
  • Your computer should not use the static IP address.
  • Connect your laserjet pro printer to the auto wireless connection mode.
  • Then, restore your printer setting to original and follow the steps given below.
  • Touch the wireless icon on the printer control panel.
  • Now, click settings.
  • Tap Restore Network Settings or Restore Network Defaults and follow as per instruction.
  • Make sure, that your printer supports auto wireless (Wi-Fi) connect.

123hp usb setup

123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW USB Setup
  • HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer, here you need to connect USB cable between computer and your printer.
  • When it prompts to disconnect the USB, just remove it.
  • You may face some problems if you disconnect without getting any pop-ups.
  • At that the time the software will normally detect your wireless settings for you.
  • If it prompts to set the connection type as Through the Network, Network, or Wireless.
  • Install the driver by following the instructions. Complete the installation by touching finish button on your Computer Device.
  • Verify if 123 HP M283FDW Laserjet Pro wireless connect setup is finished. Make a testing to print, scan, copy for successful connectivity.
  • Visit to 123.hp.com for step by step procedure. We will guide with easy step process.

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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ For 123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Wireless Connect Setup

The frequently asked questions are listed below for users with your laserjet printer. The solutions for common problems are provided here. We will assist you full guidance. We provide support service at any time and help you with 123 HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Wireless setup.

How do I enable WPS on my router?

  • Initially, confirm that your security type has not set to None or WEP and follow with steps to enable the WPS on router.
  • Visit to router configuration menu that is followed by Access the router configuration.
  • Click Wireless Settings from the menu list. Touch the basic security settings from the left side of the control panel.
  • Turn on the Wireless and make sure that is switched on.
  • Then, make your WPS router enable successfully. If not, try again to enable it. To clarify your doubts visit to 123.hp.com/laserjetpro printer device to enable it.
  • Connect it by touching the WPS button on the router. After 2 minutes connect your printer by pressing the WPS button on it.

How do I connect my phone to WIFI using WPS?

  • Nowadays, Smartphone and tablet are available with features to get use and connect with the WPS in method.
  • Go to settings to connect your phone device using Wi-Fi WPS.
  • Now, open the wireless settings folder and move to advanced settings. Look forward to WPS push button in your phone and tap it.
  • Then, touch WPS button on the router to initiate the connection. Be sure that you should not click the router button for a second and it will reset the router settings.
  • Later on, you will come to know about the connection is established.
  • You can also connect your Smartphone device by using the WPS pin by following these steps.

How do I connect hp Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer to a new wireless network?

  • Firstly, you have to check out whether the new wireless network to see your printer is connected to the network or not.
  • If your 123 hp laserjet pro m404dn printer connected to a network. And go to network settings and disconnect the network.
  • Be sure that your new wireless network is obtainable for connection. And, disconnect the Ethernet or USB cable wire.
  • Click wireless from control panel of your printer and move to settings to open the Wireless Setup Wizard (WSW). And, search for network and touch OK.
  • If your printer has not listed in the option, add your network name and follow the on-screen steps to add network.
  • Enter network password or WEP key to setup the connection.

How do I connect my HP Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer to my computer?

  • Turn on your computer device and Laserjet Pro Printer then, connect it to the same wireless network connection.
  • Confirm that your new wireless network is accessible for connection. If USB device is plug in, just disconnect it.
  • Click wireless icon from the printer control panel and move to settings to get open the 123.hp.com for wireless setup wizard.
  • After that, search for your network name and tap OK.
  • If your network name is not listed in the available options, then add your network name.
  • When, it asks to enter the password or WEP key to obtain the network connection.
  • On your PC device, download the complete driver and install it by proceeding with display instructions.
  • If it prompts during the installation, set your connection type as wireless.

What if hp laserjet pro m404dn printer is not found or connected during USB setup?

  • Remove the router from the wall and switch off your printer.
  • After closing all the running process shut down your computer and it includes HP Driver Installation.
  • Now, reboot your router, printer, and computer. Install the 123.hp.com and software.
  • Check whether your USB is connected to your printer and it doesn’t have a poor connection.
  • You have to connect USB cable only during the installation process, when it prompts.
  • If you connect or disconnect the USB, it will cause issues and problems. It shows bugs like Printer is not found, No device found etc.
  • Just, follow the above mentioned steps and you can resolve your errors.
  • If any help, we are always available. You can ask anything regarding your printer issues and troubleshooting.

What happens if I connect the USB cable without installing the HP driver?

  • You have to be very conscious that only if it prompts you to connect the USB cable.
  • Connecting the USB cable wire may cause the issues and you may get errors like USB not recognized, USB scanner error, and USB printer error.
  • Actually, this is not necessary that your computer encounter this error while on every time you insert the USB without installing the HP driver.
  • While installing the HP driver, you can connect the USB to your Laserjet Pro M283FDW Printer. Then, you have to choose USB that is connected already.
  • Finally, it may result in some of the connectivity issues.