September 23, 2020

dj2374 wireless connect setup wireless connect setup

123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup

123 hp deskjet 2374

123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup gives you leisure to connect to wireless network without having to use any access point. 2374 wireless connect is to make you being able to connect your device directly with wireless.

You may as well use features like wireless auto connect, Wireless protected setup and USB setup. How you will connect your device to wireless connect setup is the question here.

Worry not as you have to follow these simple methods to achieve that. If you find these processes complicated or some error arrives your way, get instant support from our experts.

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123 HP Deskjet 2374 Printer Wireless Connect Setup

You can connect your HP Deskjet 2374 printer to wireless network using 123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup. Follow instructions precisely to avoid introducing errors. Our technical experts provide on the clock support for all your queries and will help you with 2374

123 HP Deskjet 2374 Connectivity Setup

You don’t require entering any password or security key in case of wireless auto connect as it automatically detects your wireless network and connects to it.

Wireless protected setup (WPS) is achieved when you locate and push WPS button from rear end of router and system as well to connect system to wireless. You visit Wireless setup wizard when you want to gain information related to wireless network like SSID, Password etc.

You can observe this from 123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup printer control panel area. For wireless setup using USB, connect one end to rear port of printer and other into system USB port, when prompted by installer during software installation.

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123 HP Deskjet 2374 Wireless Protected Setup
  • Turn on your system and connect it to 123 hp dj2374 printer wireless network.
  • If there is any Ethernet or USBs connected to it, disconnect them.
  • Refer above steps to print Network configuration page.
  • Locate your WPS pin from 123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup network configuration page.
  • Open software or configuration utility for wireless router or access point.
  • Here input the WPS Pin that you gathered from network configuration page.
  • Wait for 2 seconds before your HP Deskjet 2374 printer connects to network.
  • If it is blinking, means connection is not stable.
  • When wireless light grows constant you can be sure of steady network connectivity.
  • Wireless protected setup can be achieved using WPS Pin and Push method.
  • Push WPS button from router rear end and on your system to connect.

123 hp wps setup

123 HP Deskjet 2374 Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Turn on your router and connect it to power source and see when the light stabilizes.
  • Gather network information such as Network name, Password.
  • Wireless setup wizard can be accessed by 2374
  • Wireless setup wizard contains network information and you can observe a list containing active network names.
  • If you don’t find your network name on the list, add it manually and follow onscreen directions.
  • If the network you are trying to connect to is secured with WEP or WPA security, enter password to connect to network.
  • This is how you access wireless setup wizard and manage it.
  • Observe your 123 hp dj2374 printer connection if the wireless light is stable.
123 HP Deskjet 2374 Auto Wireless Connect
  • During driver installation if you find ‘Auto wireless connect’ option, select it.
  • After you try this option, follow onscreen direction to complete auto wireless connect.
  • Go to to find suitable drivers to your Deskjet printer, if required enter model number of your 123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup printer and System OS version and proceed.
  • When you finish downloading appropriate set of drivers double tap on it to open and install setup.
  • Return to in order to complete activation and 123 hp deskjet 2374 printer registration.
  • Your Home network connection should be connected and in active state before you start installing software.
  • Note that in case of absence of home network your printer won’t connect to wireless network.

123hp usb setup

123 HP Deskjet 2374 USB Setup
  • Turn on your HP Deskjet 2374 printer and keep it in ready state.
  • Browse to 2374 and search and download necessary driver software for your system and double click to start installation.
  • System asks for permission to make changes to computer, grant it and follow directions as per your system.
  • When system prompts to ask for connection type, set it as wireless.
  • Now your system checks for network configuration and when prompts to connect USB, connect it.
  • Follow onscreen instructions to allow access and complete HP wireless settings.
  • Once the installation is complete a window appears with Finish button on it, click it to complete installation process.
  • Test print to check for proper install.
  • When you connect USB, be assured it is not loosely connected to either end and works fine.
Excellent Tech Support
We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ For 123 HP Deskjet 2374 Wireless Connect Setup

Wireless connect setup can definitely ease your job and printing experience. You finish 123 HP DJ 2374 Wireless Connect Setup with ease and enjoy using your device because when you are bugged with errors in regard to this you can’t do your work properly. Our job here is to ensure we provide best solution for those circumstances.

How do I enable WPS on my router?

  • Firstly, note that you do not set WEP or None as security type.
  • Open router configuration menu and access it.
  • Go to wireless settings followed by Basic security settings lying on left part of screen.
  • Turn on wireless setting from option.
  • If you have switched on wireless settings, scroll down the page to apply changes.
  • Now, in your configured router enable WPS.
  • To enable WPS option, press the rear WPS button on router.
  • Connect your mobile/ system by enabling WPS option after 2 seconds.

How do I connect my phone to WIFI using WPS?

  • If you wish to connect your phone to Wi-Fi using WPS, two methods can be used to achieve this.
  • One is WPS push and other WPS pin.
  • Open your phone and go to settings, touch Wi-Fi and press advanced settings further to display option for WPS, switch it on.
  • After a while, press WPS button from rear end of your router.
  • While pushing WPS button on router keep in mind that holding it for more than a second can trigger reset router settings.

How do I connect hp Deskjet 2374 printer to a new wireless network?

  • If your printer is already associated to a wireless network, forget it.
  • Disconnect all USB ports or Ethernet cables, if connected to printer.
  • Make sure your printer is turned on and in ready state.
  • Touch wireless and setup to open wireless setup wizard from printer control panel area.
  • Select your network from the appeared network list and try connecting.
  • If your wireless network is secured by WPA/WPA2 or WPS key, then enter password when window appears.
  • If not in list, add network as the screen directs you.

How do I connect my HP Deskjet 2374 printer to my computer?

  • Turn on your computer and connect it to a wireless connection.
  • Turn on your Deskjet 2374 printer and connect to the same wireless network from Wireless setup wizard.
  • You shouldn’t connect any USB or Ethernet at this point.
  • If your printer is connected to network, follow below steps.
  • Go to 2374 and download appropriate set of driver software.
  • Install them by double clicking the file when download completes.
  • Follow as the screen directs to connect to your computer.

What if hp Deskjet 2374 printer is not found or connected during USB setup?

  • Disconnect printer from power outlet and then turn its switch off.
  • From your system, cancel HP software installation and close running programs.
  • Turn off your system and router.
  • Now, fresh install 2374 drivers and connect USB only when system prompts for it.
  • Make sure you avoid any loose connection during USB setup.
  • If required, you may need to change USB cable.
  • To get rid of such errors, follow these steps precisely.
  • You can always opt for support services from our experts.

What happens if I connect the USB cable without installing the HP driver?

  • You may across a situation when your system prompts for ‘USB not recognized’, ‘Printer not found during USB setup’ error.
  • Auto connect option doesn’t always work if you do connect USB beforehand and system won’t find your wireless network automatically.
  • It is recommended to connect USB during installation when installer prompts you for the same.
  • However, you are still free to choose ‘USB already connected’ option. But, HP don’t recommend for this.
  • For more detailed learning you can contact our technical executives.