123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless setup

123 HP OJ J4540 Wireless Printer Setup


123 HP Officejet J4540 Wireless Setup in a way is very fruitful as no longer you need to work with cables. And connect them to establish connection between your computer and 123.hp.com/setup j4540 printer.

You can connect more than one device through wireless connection with your 123 HP Officejet J4540 printer and print.

You may connect your printer through USB or wireless or may use it simultaneously if both are connected. In this case it shows two printer icon from any of which you can print.

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123 HP Officejet J4540 Wireless Setup

Officejet J4540 printer is one multi utility device for your home as well as office and makes your work easier. You don’t have to sit all day in front of your system for your print, scan job. Use features like ePrint, AirPrint, Cloud Print and print with 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless setup connection

HP OJ J4540 Wireless Setup for Windows 7

Setup wireless connection for your Officejet J4540 printer and connect your windows 7 device. Some printers are compatible to windows 7 while others not, you need to perform setup with care.

HP OJ J4540 Wireless Setup for Windows 10

Latest 123.hp.com/setup j4540 printers are mostly compatible with windows 10. You can install compatible software driver in windows 10 device. And Setup wireless connection with Officejet printer.

HP OJ J4540 Wireless Setup for MAC

You should install, setup software as per your MAC device and as per its version. Download, install and set connection type as wireless to connect your MAC with Officejet J4540 printer.

123 HP Officejet J4540 Wireless Printer Setup for Windows

On your windows device, first of all check for wireless connectivity. If it is not connected, then initiate a wireless connection in your windows device. Follow further written steps to achieve wireless setup for Officejet J4540 printer. We can guide you with the steps to make it happen.

Step 1: Network Connection Requirements

  • Gather all network details that is required like network name, SSID, password.
  • Your computer must be connected through 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless setup network.
  • Make sure your internet connection is strong. so that, you can use 123.hp.com web services.
  • Place your router on a place near printer. And your system receive strong network signals without any interference.
  • Remove all Ethernet cables or USB cables attached to your 123 hp officejet j4540 wireless setup printer.

123 hp wireless setup for windows

Step 2: Connect to HP Officejet J4540 wireless network

  • Turn on your HP Officejet J4540 printer and let it settle in idle state.
  • Touch wireless button from your printer control panel followed by settings in order to open wireless setup wizard.
  • In this you can see a list containing network names, select the one you wish to connect to.
  • If your network is secured with WEP or WPA security type it will ask you to enter password, which you need to type in and set Ok.
  • During installation when system prompts you for connection type or adding printer, do accordingly.
  • This will bring you back to hp officejet j4540 printer home screen.

Step 3: Connect to HP Officejet J4540 wireless network

  • You can install software through installation CD that comes with printer package.
  • You can visit 123.hp.com/setup j4540 and download needed software into your windows system.
  • When download is finished, run the downloaded printer software. And read onscreen directions and click accordingly.
  •  And enter your preferred connection type or add 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless printer. And touch finish to complete installation process.
  • Once you have launched printer software, test print a page to check for successful installation.
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123 HP Officejet J4540 Wireless Printer Setup for MAC

HP Printer setup for MAC device with wireless connectivity is somewhat similar so as for other windows device. It is just important you find right HP driver for your device. That should support wireless connectivity. Connecting your 123 hp officejet j4540 wireless setup printer does help you in more ways as you can print from any device/place or through multiple devices.

123 hp wireless setup for mac

Step 1: Network Connection Requirements

  • Here, we will know and collect few network related information that are going to help us in setting up wireless connection to our 123 HP Officejet J4540 printer.
  • You should know network name or Service Set Identifier(SSID) of the network you want to connect your 123.hp.com/setup j4540 device.
  • Check your router is on and in stable state to ensure secure and strong connection without which you can’t access HP Web services.
  • Connect your MAC to the wireless network. Plug out all Ethernet or USB connections from Printer peripheral.
  • Keep your router in good range with respect to mac device and Officejet J4540 printer for steady connectivity.

Step 2: Connect to HP Officejet J4540 wireless network

  • In your Officejet J4540 printer, go to control panel and push wireless button.
  • Push settings/ setup icon to see Wireless setup wizard enlisting available network names or SSID.
  • If you happen to find your network, touch it and enter passkey if required.
  • You need to add network name for the other scenario when you can’t find your network name on the list of hp officejet j4540 wireless setup
  • If this is the case, perform operations as you are asked to in the screen instructions.

Step 3: Connect to HP Officejet J4540 wireless network

  • You can download and install software using two methods, one is use the installation CD provided with the printer and second, download and install HP printer software.
  • For installation through CD, insert CD into your MAC device and launch software as per the user manual.
  • Or you can visit 123.hp.com/setup j4540 and enter your printer model number to derive suitable printer software for your version of MAC device
  • Install by running HP Easy scan and install hp officejet j4540 printer driver.
  • Just follow system instructions to finish this process.
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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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FAQ For 123 HP Officejet J4540 Wireless Printer Setup

Everything about 123 hp officejet j4540 wireless setup is stated here right from connection, 123.hp.com/setup j4540 driver download, install, setup. You only have to understand and perform these steps with care.

123 HP Officejet J4540 won't find my wireless router

  • If you are using a windows device click on start button to find Devices and printers.
  • Add printer button should be clicked so that you can add your HP Officejet printer.
  • Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer should be clicked from Add printer wizard.
  • Install necessary software by tapping Install, if your computer prompts.
  • Finally tap finish after performing those steps. Now, to check hardware issues reconnect all peripherals, USB or reboot system, printer and router.
  • After this try connecting your printer to wireless connection by going to wireless setup wizard from printer control panel and check if you can find your wireless network.

123 HP Officejet J4540 unable to be installed over network

  • Power off printer by holding power key and plug out power cord.
  • Disconnect all USBs from printer as this hinders wireless connectivity.
  • Reconnect or turn on all required devices. Go to Programs and Features on your system and locate your printer from the list to uninstall it.
  • After removal, re install software afresh from 123.hp.com/oj-j4540
  • You may have to download HP print and scan doctor and fix if the error persists.

123 HP Officejet J4540 will not connect with PC

  • Ensure your PC is connected to the wireless connection. Make sure you turn off Wi-Fi direct from printer control panel.
  • Wireless setup wizard shows you a list of networks, select your network enter password if it is secured with security key.
  • Printer is connected to network now. Visit 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 to download drivers and install for wireless setup.
  • Run downloaded software file with HP Easy start and connect printer when you receive a prompt.
  • Select HP easy scan and install software to your PC.
  • Add Officejet J4540 as your printing device when you are prompted to connect with PC.

123 HP Officejet J4540 printer not accepting password

  • Be careful with passwords as they are case sensitive and contain symbols and numbers as well.
  • Check your security type, you must use WPA. If you happen to use WPA/WPA2 then modify it to WPA. Turn off MAC filter.
  • Note that you make sure Multicasting is on. Enabled bonjour is a must. Set dual band to 2.4 GHz and not 5 GHz.
  • Take care of these 123.hp.com/setup j4540 configurations and check if you can connect now using the same password.
  • If it doesn’t accept password, restore printer settings by tapping hp officejet j4540 Wireless Setup and Restore network settings.
  • Reboot printer and check if it accepts password this time.

123 HP Officejet J4540 stuck during set up

  • During set up if your HP Officejet printer is stuck then perform these basic steps first to ensure you don’t have to cancel installation.
  • Search and go to Device manager on your system.
  • Locate your printer from Unknown devices or other devices list and right click to uninstall.
  • Power off your Officejet J4540 printer and disconnect USB from its port.
  • Wait 10 seconds before reconnecting USB to the same port of printer. Power on your 123.hp.com/setup j4540 printer and wait.
  • If this doesn’t work for you, cancel installation, remove printer and other software drivers from system.
  • Reboot and reconnect devices for fresh download and 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless setup.

How to connect 123 hp officejet j4540 to laptop

  • First step is to turn off Wi-Fi direct that can cause problem in further steps.
  • To switch it off, Tap on 123.hp.com/oj-j4540 wireless setup that opens wireless menu where you can select Wi-Fi direct and turn it off.
  • Try to connect your printer now, if unsuccessful then proceed further.
  • You can refer above topics to see how you can restore network settings.
  • Once you have restored, print network configuration page and check if something is wrong.
  • If all data you find is correct and doesn’t require any change then try connecting HP Officejet J4540 printer with wireless connection to your laptop.