December 28, 2020


123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Printer

123 hp envy pro6475

123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Printer allows you to copy, scan and print high quality documents and photos quickly. Wireless connectivity, scan on the go, automatic two sided printing, high yield with HP ink cartridges are a few key features of this printer.

Here we introduce you with 123 HP Envy Pro 6475 complete user guide that includes anything and everything about Envy Pro 6475 printers right from unboxing, setup, install, connectivity and troubleshooting.

123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Setup is always here for support with printer related queries, to troubleshoot errors and setup/install.

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123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Printer Unboxing Setup

Got a new HP Printer for your office? Or home? Worry not! First of all you need to setup your 123 hp envy pro 6475 and for that first step is unboxing printer and other parts or peripherals and setting it up on a sturdy surface. Unpack its content and connect them together to make it whole as a system. 6475 printer is always here to support for your first time hp envy pro 6475 setup.

  • Unboxing The Printer
  • Connect to the Power Cord
  • Printer Software Installation
  • Ink Cartridge Installation
  • Load the Paper into the Tray
  • Take the Test Print

123hp printer unboxing Support and Services

Dealing with printers for the first time is common! Not all of us are technologically sound and help is much needed while setting up your envy 6475 Here we assist you with support and services for unboxing, connecting to power supply, Installing printer software, installing Ink cartridge and taking test print.

Printer Setup

To Printer setup, you need to perform a first time setup to kick start your printing experience.Our experts are at their feet to help you with the process.
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Driver Install

After unboxing your printer, you have to download driver for your HP Printer.You can download 6475 driver.
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Wireless Setup

HP Envy Pro 6475 setup comes with wireless option like many of its contemporaries and performing wireless setup is not a complex task.
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Connectivity Setup

Once you have installed 123 hp envy 6475 driver and setup for printer now you require to establish connection as per your requirement.
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Wireless Mobile Printing

Most HP printers support wireless mobile print and so does the printer uses HP Printing applications.
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If you come across some error or glitches while handling your printer. With time you may come across issues in your printer.
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123 HP Envy 6475 Wifi Direct Printer Setup

With Wi-Fi direct or wireless direct you are open to establish direct connection with your envy 6475 device (Smartphone, tablet) without having to use a router (wireless) or access point. WPA2 security is required in Wi-Fi direct but not in wireless direct. Both can have a maximum of 5 devices connected at a time.

123 hp wireless direct setup

123 HP Envy 6475 Wireless Direct

Wireless direct is quite similar to HP Wi-Fi direct in some areas and may have a few difference as well but the point is both establish P2P wireless connection.

To setup your Envy Pro 6475 printer with Wireless direct follow these steps:

  • Connect your system with HP Wi-Fi direct
  • And print as you do regularly but make sure you understand that your system can only be connected to 6475 printer or home network at a time.
  • On Wi-Fi of your device and connect to HP Wi-Fi direct (Same as you connect to any other wireless network or hotspot). This doesn’t ask for any password as it doesn’t have WPA2 security as in case of Wi-Fi direct.

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123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Wi-Fi Direct

To establish this kind of connection between two devices you don’t require a router or access point which means a direct 6475 wireless connection is established.

To establish connection with Wireless direct:

  • Connect your system with HP Wi-Fi direct
  • And print as you do regularly but make sure you understand that your system can only be connected to printer or home network at a time.
  • On wifi of your device and connect to HP Wifi Direct (Same as you connect to any other wireless network or hotspot)
  • Provide password as Wifi direct uses wpa2 security and you can’t establish a connection without entering password.

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123 hp wifi direct setup

123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Connection Setup

HP Envy Pro 6475 printer has the different types of connectivity setups. These are wired setup, wireless setup and USB setup. In order to do so you need to add printer and set connection type as per your requirement if you want to set it as Ethernet or you want to set it as wireless.

123 HP Envy Pro 6475 USB Connection Setup

  • Firstly printer setup should be done. Switch on the printer and make sure it is in ready state.
  • Grab a USB cable to connect system with printer. Avoid usage of USB hub or docking station as it may attenuate the connection.
  • Go to and download the appropriate driver software by selecting your system model from the list.
  • If you can’t find your model in the list then go to HP customer support-Software and driver downloads and search for your model number.
  • Now your 123 hp envy 6475 setup printer is ready to copy, scan, and print.

123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Wired Connection Setup

  • Firstly make sure you have suitable driver or software for 123 HP Envy Pro 6475
  • If not, download the one feasible for wired or Ethernet connections.
  • You may get a prompt asking “Let’s identify your product to get started”, hit that and enter your model number again and check for operating system details.
  • You will require switch,router and available Ethernet ports.
  • If you do not have Ethernet ports then get one.
  • Connect your hp envypro 6475 setup with network router and switch.

How to Change from a USB Connection to Wireless Network

You can easily change to wireless network from USB connection. So, if you are worried how you shall change to a wireless network, it’s time to end your worries. Connecting your envy 6475 printer wireless is a lot more convenient as you can print directly through other systems.

123 hp wireless setup

  • Click to open finder and hit applications and then 6475 Printer setup and software.
  • Now choose “Convert a USB connected printer to wireless” from the Printer setup window.
  • If any window asks you to connect USB, then check already connected to USB and proceed
  • Software should auto read your network details including your SSID and password
  • After this your hp envy 6475 setup printer should be connected wireless and you are in position to remove USB cable from your system peripheral.
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We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
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123 HP Envy Pro 6475 Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting errors follow a restricted guideline which you need to follow to fix the bug otherwise it may hamper your work and we do not want that. So, we have these user guides in which you will see step by step procedures for the probable machine errors that we have come across.

123 HP Envy 6475 not connected
  • Re install printer software by following setup and install steps
  • Keep in mind you install the appropriate set of software as per your printer model
  • During software installation, when prompted for network type select USB, wireless as you want
  • If you have selected USB, then when asked to connect then only connect USB. Now, check if your printer is connected or not. If you still find any issues you can get instant support from us by visiting 6475
123 HP Envy 6475 how to change ink
  • It is recommended you use the genuine HP ink cartridges for best yield output.
  • When ink is finished, you need to replace the cartridges.
  • However, you can change ink into the old cartridges as well but note that this is not recommended.
  • For refilling, all you have to do is buy ink from a computer store and inject it through a small hole present on the top of ink cartridge.
123 HP Envy 6475 printer validation failed

Getting messages like “can’t validate printer” or “Printer validation failed”?

  • The reason could be your system can’t validate your printer or can’t recognize your printer
  • In your system, search for printers and drivers
  • See if your printer is added or not, if yes, remove.
  • Check for appropriate drivers by entering your model number and install
  • Try printing some photo or document to check if the error is gone
123 HP Envy 6475 paper jam
  • Firstly realize that this error could occur in multiple areas of printer and you need to spot all.
  • Clear jammed paper from the paper tray area and ink cartridge access area.
  • Grab the cartridge door by both sides to open it and make sure carriage moves freely.
  • Use a flashlight to see for any paper or objects working as hindrance.
  • If the paper is stuck in right side move cartridge to the left and vice versa to remove them.
123 HP Envy Pro 6475 reset
  • Turn on your HP Envy Pro 6475 printer.
  • Select factory Reset to reset your printer.
  • Note that this does not reset your Language, Paper tray and size settings.
  • Reset usually helps when user wants to go back to the default printer settings and then this can be achieved.
  • There are other steps for hard reset as well or you can take support from to grab reset related support.
123 HP Envy Pro 6475 windows 10 driver
  • Visit HP support and download HP Easy Start for Windows Printer Utility Software from there.
  • If required, you need to enter your printer model number that is HP Envy Pro 6475 and you can search for 6475 driver
  • If you can’t, then go to HP customer support and in search bar type in your model number and see if OS version requires any change, if yes, then change.
  • Download and install as per screen instructions.