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We ensure on the setup, Install, and Support services for 123.hp.com Our technicians are right here to troubleshoot any error
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123 HP Envy Printers

The Envy printer allows you to print, scan and copy your photos, documents effortlessly on the go. You can print documents directly from smartphone be it Android or Mac and receive instant support from 123.hp.com/setup


123 HP OfficeJet Printers

Introduction of Ethernet and wireless connection and Featuring Airprint does make it efficient. What more efficient is support from 123.hp.com for setup, install or trouble shooting errors because we can not let your printer stop.


123 HP OfficeJet Pro Printers

Multi-tasking printer that allows print, copy, scan and fax at a time. Saves time with multi-page scanning tool. You can get help from 123.hp.com/setup for setting up Officejet Pro series printers featuring Jet intelligence.


123 HP Deskjet Printers

In DeskJet printers Wireless connectivity and easy printing through smartphones that yield laser quality printout. This series printer is best for novice users and you can always have support from 123.hp.com

123.hp.com Support and Services

123 HP Printers does have a wide range of products that’s best suited to different section of people. One have it for personal use, one for business or one for office. Some printers allow wireless and Ethernet connections, some print from smartphones (Android or iOS). What we do is help you become buddies with your printer. We help you with setup, install services and provide on the clock support for 123.hp.com/setup printers.

Printer Setup

To do the setup of your 123 hp printer, you have to remove the accessorize from the pack and install the software to enjoy the quality printing.

Driver Installation

You need to know your printer model and select a model to identify process and then download the suitable driver to install software by our guidelines.

Wireless Setup

Wireless setup is more efficient process which offers a wide variation, of both office and home users to make the printing process easy.

Network Setup

You need to check if both the devices are connected to the same network or not. If not, choose the preferred network from notification bar.

Connectivity Setup

After all the installation add printer as (Ethernet/wireless) connection type and select “Yes, send my wireless settings to the printer (recommended).


First diagnose, and then follow step by step troubleshooting guide from 123.hp.com/setup you can get expert’s help to lessen your burden.

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About Us

We are a technical support company that provides support for 123 HP Printers. We help you in becoming familiar with the complex interface of these printers and help you by providing on the clock support services by our expert technicians at 123.hp.com

123.hp.com/printer services

Setup, install, and troubleshoot errors like paper jam, Low printing speed, corrupted drivers and so on, we provide services to help you fix these errors.

Some printers have simpler interface as compared to others and can be installed at your own while other complex interfaces may require assistance from a technical person so that your work flows smoothly and we are here to just do the job for you.

Why bother when you have us to take care of your HP printers. Any errors, any setup or installation problems will be resolved by our fellow experts all you have to do is let us assist you in any manner be it through chat, online process, calls or any other media.

123 HP Printer Support and Services

You will get instant support for all your queries concerning 123.hp.com/setup Printers and we are here to help you in every possible way like providing you with step by step user guide to first time setup, driver install and wireless setup of your 123 HP Printer

Get Instant Services For subsequent HP Printer Issues

Below listed are a few HP Printer issues that user come across and we provide services to resolve them at our best.

  • Install printer/ Printer setup
  • 123.hp.com Wireless setup
  • Paper jam issues
  • Driver not found issues
  • Issues in installation of printer driver
  • Corrupted print drivers
  • Ink cartridge jam
  • Error in configuration of ePrint/ iPrint
  • Reduced printing speed
  • System hang while printing issues
  • Picking multiple papers at a time.

Our technical experts will provide the ultimate support and services to solve all of above 123.hp.com/setup printers.

Expeditious Services For Your 123 HP Printer

Sometimes all you need is fast recovery from glitches and an Expeditious service does the same magic for you.

  • First time printer setup
  • Wireless setup
  • 123.hp.com/setup Driver Installation on Windows
  • Driver Installation on MAC
  • Ink Cartridge Installation
  • Wireless Protected Setup
  • Wireless Setup Wizard
  • Mobile Printing Solution
  • Wireless connectivity setup.
  • Auto Wireless Connect
  • Printing issues during the printing process.

Our technicians manage your time and we try to instruct and describe each and every thing about the problem of your hp printer’s issues.

123.hp.com Platform Support

We do provide HP Printer support for all Platform if it is windows, Ios or Android. Our services include resolving your printer troubles after diagnosing the real trouble, getting back to you immediately for assistance, providing remote services to fix your issues, on the 123.hp.com/setup through chat, email and call.


Using HP Printers with windows is simple as you need to install the compatible printer driver.


Install HP Print driver on your Mac device and connect via AirPrint to establish connection.


All you need to do is connect your smartphone with printer and install HP print service plug-in.

123 HP Wireless Printer Setup

Gone are the days when you had to do connect multiple cables to connect a single device and perform your task. With advancement in technology, printer industry has now introduced wireless feature with almost all of its latest 123.hp.com/setup wireless printers. You can connect multiple devices wirelessly and print on a go.

Wireless Setup For Windows
  • Grab a wireless router or network adapter and check if it is connected.
  • In your windows device, go to Device manager and extend Network Adapters and search for wireless.
  • Secure your wireless connection by choosing security key or password.
  • If your router supports WPS, then follow below step.
  • Browse to Network and Sharing center as per your windows version and Set up a new connection or network. Set up a network and tap next to finish. Now, connect your system.
Wireless Setup For MAC
  • You can observe a light wireless adapter icon on your desktop right beside clock, just tap on it.
  • Here you will observe a list of network names, choose your SSID from the list appeared to connect your MAC device.
  • Tap on your network name or SSID.
  • If your connection is secured it will prompt you to enter a password
  • That should connect your MAC device to the wireless network.
Excellent Tech Support
We Provide Clients with the Highest Possible Level of Support and Services through the Online Support.
Call us Toll Free @ 1-810-537-9001
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123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

Errors could be network related, wireless or wired connection related, scan, copy, or print related, ink related, or any other kind of bugs, Solution to all is available in form of troubleshooting guides. If not, why not ask for support and help yourselves to get rid of these errors.

How to install 123 HP Printer on MAC?
  • Switch on your printer and connect USB and try adding something to print queue.
  • Go to Apple followed by software update, Let your MAC device check for latest software updates. Install it.
  • Now, to add your 123 HP printer launch System preferences and tap on Print and scan.
  • After installation, your HP Printer should be visible in the printer queue.
123 HP Printer Error Message
  • Any error message with numbers and alphabets can be observed or alpha numeric error message such as 0xc18a0001 can be seen on screen in case of Ink failure.
  • Sometimes, turning off and on your printing device vanquishes the error as these may appear as a result of hardware failure.
  • So, it is recommended to reboot your device to see for any external changes.
Update HP Printer Firmware
  • Go to 123.hp.com support to download updated version of printer firmware.
  • If your 123.hp.com/setup printer is connected to a windows device, then update the printer firmware.
  • Make sure you keep your 123 hp printer turned on.
  • Your printer should be connected to your device through USB or Ethernet connection.
Connecting Printer with Wi-Fi
  • Switch on your 123.hp.com/setup printer and system as well.
  • Connect your system with Wi-Fi by selecting your network name and entering password.
  • Go to printers control panel to see available networks and connect to them by tapping on desired network and entering password.
  • This way you can connect your 123.hp.com printer with Wi-Fi.
123 HP Printer Is Offline for Windows
  • In your windows system, go to devices and printers and right click to observe a print spooler window that displays what is printing.
  • Now, tap on Printer and select Use printer offline in order to remove the mark or deselect.
  • After this, your 123 hp printer should come out of offline mode and should show in online mode.
123 HP Printer Is Offline for MAC
  • Reboot your MAC device and allow it to become idle after restart.
  • Now, press the Apple button and go to System Preferences.
  • In order to open available printer list tap on Printers and Scanners, Print & Fax, or Print & Scan.
  • Select your 123 hp printer and tap to open Print queue.
  • Now you need to select the print job and delete as per your OS version.